Discovering the Lands of the Book of Mormon


A 2.5 hour intriguing and enlightening discussion about the location of the main Book of Mormon events.

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In this 2 CD lecture set (approximately 2.5 hours), Dr, Lund relates much of the same information that is found in his book Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon: Is This The Place? Dr. Lund draws on his personal years of research and travel to present the case for the most likely area where the main Book of Mormon events occurred. You will discover how mineral deposits, clothing, seeds, native traditions, geographical features, vultures and much more are evidence of the hundreds of correlations between the Book of Mormon and the lands of Mesoamerica.   

“Most people are greatly surprised at how much evidence and information there is about the geography in the Book of Mormon.” says Dr. Lund, “both things that are internally there and things that have been said by prophets. For example, did you know that the prophet Joseph Smith declared that the city of Zarahemla stood upon the land of Guatemala, which included southern Mexico in his day?”


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