Daughters of Eve


A set of warm, inspirational talks that will help all women remember their noble and divine roles in this life and in the eternities.

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This CD set contains four uplifting, inspiring talks for women about their inherent individual worth and divine potential.

  • Talk 1: “Daughter of God” – Of all the roles a woman may fill in her lifetime, none is as eternal and important as that of being a Daughter of God.
  • Talk 2: “Wife & Companion” – This talk describes the guiding principles that women should use in their marriage relationships.
  • Talk 3: “Mother in Zion” – Dr. Lund reminds women that successful motherhood is defined by how they love, not by the choices their children make.
  • Talk 4: “Sister in the Kingdom” – A discussion on the vital role of women in helping to prepare the Church for the Second Coming of Christ concludes these talks.

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