For All Eternity CD


This 5 CD set contains all the essentials you need for a healthy, loving relationship.

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  • Dr. Lund believes that “most people do not lack love. What they lack are the necessary skills to send and receive the genuine messages from the heart.” Listen as he teaches the skills needed to send and receive sincere love to those you care most about. It takes love, patience and a willingness to learn to master these skills but after 16 years as a Relationship Councilor Dr. Lund is prepared to lead you as you embark on this journey to a healthier, happier relationship.
    • CD 1&2: Owning Our Words and Behavior
    • CD 2&3: Learn the Love Language of Others
    • CD 3&4: Conflict Resolution Skills
    • CD 5: Apologies and Forgiveness

** Formerly known as “Relationships and Communications”

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